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GO FUND ME PAGE - WE CARE Homeless and Elderly
We now have a GO FUND ME Page to help provide hygiene items such as toothbrush, toothpaste, clean socks, washcloths, deodorant, soap, lotion and shampoo to the homeless and elderly as we give words of encouragement.
Denise Essential Good's
Feeding and Caring Campaign is seeking non perishables and small clothing items to give to low-income or families in need of food, clothing, school supplies, OTC medicines and care packages to veterans and homeless.
About Us
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ROGOM was established in Illinois in 2010; now we have continued our mission in Moreno Valley, California (2017) to provide natural and spiritual care to the surrounding Communities.
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ROGOM is a Faith-Based Christian Ministry and 501c3 Organization that believes in the Great Commission to reach those that are in need and tell them that they are loved, and we want to follow the Greatest Commandment which is to Love others by helping to meet their needs while planting and watering the Word of God in their lives.


We are a biblically based, non-denominational, Christian Organization who rely on donations and community support for every endeavor. We are not solicitors. We are ambassadors for natural and spiritual empowerment that encourages hope, faith, and love; we want to remain mobile and flexible in the community to be present and available in public locations and venues; sharing the message of love and faith, by providing essential care items such as food gift cards, health and hygiene products, clothing items to meet a natural need in hopes of sharing the message of Hope, Grace and Salvation.
We are an Outreach Ministry and 501c3 Public Charity Organization.