About Us

Thomas enlisted in the U.S. ARMY in 1985 where he served until he retired in 2004. 1993 Thomas served as a Regional Coordinator for the Illinois Challenge Program that helped at risk teens ages 16- 18 years old to complete their GED within a structured quasi-military envrionment. After retiring from the military; In 2008, he attended Devry University, where he obtained my Bachelors of Science degree of Technical Management with concentrations in Small Business Entrepreneurship.
 Thomas has been blessed to serve under different leaderships and denominations where his duties in ministry ranged from Musician, Choir Tenor, Sunday School Teacher, Assistant Pastor; and now to Pastor and Teacher. After more than 34 years of service; Thomas answered his call to ministry and began a life of re-dedication, restoration, re-direction in complete submission to the Holy Spirit and devotion to the Word of God; in 2010, Thomas and his wife, Denise P. Ford-Walker; started the outreach ministry called Reflections of Grace Outreach Ministries where our mission and purpose is to help meet the needs of all people both spiritually and naturally, regardless of their current situation, we want to encourage and uplift them with all of the resources at our disposal. Finally, In 2014, Thomas graduated from Liberty Theological Seminary with my Masters in Christian Ministry and special interest in Pastoral Counseling. Thomas authored two inspirational books entitled: "My Steps Have Already Been Ordered; What Happens when Free will is not Free"; and "Now Is The Time to Believe." Currently, Thomas is completing his Masters of Divinity in Pastoral Counseling at Liberty Theological Seminary.

Denise's background is extensive in Corporate Administration, Contract Law and Procurement for ten years in Corporate America. She was a product of a dysfunctional upbringing. Today, she is a survivor of teen and domestic abuse, for many years she suffered in silence from low self-esteem, loss of identity, divorce, rejection, neglect, poverty. After battling for nineteen years to breaking free from this vicious cycle, herlife was transitioned to a spiritual calling. Since, She has become an ordained minister, mentor, and advocate for victims of domestic abuse. Denise has authored two books of my life’s testimony non-fiction works, “Rhythm of Rage, A Passion of Thorns”, Praying to Know Him; Praying from my Soul, and a poetry book, “A Breath of Melodies”. Denise received certification in completing the Sexual Assault Service and Domestic Violence Counseling and related issues program in the State of Illinois.

We are empowered to inspire, educate and motivate others to walk with Christ. Both Thomas and Denise are passionate and committed to advocating and seeing others set free from the pain and defeat that has taken a toll on their lives, and to become mentally, healthy and inspired to reach higher toward their dream of happiness by living holistically well. We realized that we have been given a second chance and a platform to hold as a beacon of hope and courage. Although We've lived on the other side of the mask; we know what it feels like to walk in the shoes of being a victim of abuse or hopelessness. I was once lost, but now I’m set free to pursue all of the possibilities that are within reach while nurturing “Reflections of Grace Outreach Ministries”, “A Heart for The People” vision and mission reach countless people from all walks of life.