WE CARE Go Fund ME Campaign - Helping Homeless
During the past seven years of our outreach has had the opportunity to reach out and provide essential hygiene items such as toothbrush, toothpaste, clean socks, washcloths, deodorant, soap, lotion and shampoo to the homeless and elderly as we give words of encouragement and hope in their current situation.
The vision of A Heart for the People Outreach is to be a worldwide organization that breathes life and happiness into the community through outreach, soul care, biblical affirmations, and teachings to strengthen great family and moral values.

The Mission of A Heart for the People Outreach mission is to provide short-term or long-term care and support to people who need their economical and spiritual needs met in order to improve the quality of life and understanding of their purpose. Our A Heart for the People Outreach Program encompasses a dynamic approach to reaching out to out Military personnel and thier families, individuals and groups that are identified as needing help, prayer, and assistance.
Elderly Home Service
ROGOM will care for the elderly, disabled, and the shut-in. We will help those who are homebound with daily activities such as shopping for groceries, doing laundry, and cleaning.

We will provide hourly companionship, encouragement, prayer and personal ministry to those we serve.

This activity will be offered to the general public, free of charge, and will be run by volunteers.
A Heart For The People Outreach
Walkus Christian Counseling and Consulting Services is a service that will be offered for a minimum fee to individuals dealing with minor or major forms of depression and individuals who need help in making critical decisions through scriptural references, understanding spiritual disciplines, prayer and teachable reflections. Counseling services are to be no shorter than 3 weeks and a maximum of 6 weeks in total to be concurrent and not split. Each person will be evaluated after the end of the 6th session for progress and if there is a need for additional counseling; they are referred out for elevated counseling services in the community and mental health counseling organizations to assist those individuals in need of long-term counseling for their health and/or well-being.
Soul Care & Pastoral Counseling
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We are an Outreach Ministry and 501c3 Public Charitable; Organization.